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Friday, October 26, 2012


here's a story .

made by myself .

hurmm .

utk essay BI actually .

sebab orang lain tungkus lumus buat .

aku buat la ..

so here it comes,

the one and only from me ;


She suddenly sat on my bed. It was that dream again. It has been a week since the first time she dreamt that her Mama was calling her in pain. It had been nine years since the last time she held Mama's wrinkled hands. She was Susan Anne, the one and only daughter of Mr. Maxwell Degory and Mrs. Fiona Thomson. She was a chief executive bank officer in a famous bank in this era, here, in New York. She had the life that everyone dreamt to have. With six digits of salary per month, she could have this whole world in her hands. But for her, there was no such thing as happiness in her life. She has no family. No mother, no father and no relatives. She missed them, really.

       Nine years ago, Susan Anne was just an ordinary teenager who loved to enjoy life. She never cared about her studies. She was never concerned of her parents' feelings to what she did. She was a wild girl. Enjoyed going to parties,hanging out with friends. Mama always told her to change. Dad too. But she never listened to them. Until that day, August 5, 1991, the historical day. Dad was mad! Totally mad. For the first time in her whole life, Dad snarled at her. Dad told her to be serious in life. Shocked she was. She have never expected that dad would ever dare to snarl at her. "I hate you!" . That was her last words to her father. She walked to the door without looking back anymore. Tears rolled down Mama's cheeks. She hoped that Susan turned back and never left.

         Mama was still hoping that Susan never left. But those hopes never came true. Mama was so sad that Susan left. Since that historical day, Mama changed. She used to be a happy-go-lucky woman. Everybody knew Mama as the most friendly and affable housewife in their neighbourhood. But after that incident, neither Dad nor the neighbours hardly saw a piece of smile on Mama's face. Mama was extremely affected when Susan left. All this while, Mama was always missing her one and only child, Susan. After nine years, Mama cannot keep that feelings to herself anymore. Mama fell sick.

           Susan, in the other hand, had forgotten about her family. Since she left, she started to be serious in life. With all the money she had in her savings, she pursued her studies in accountancy in a private university in New York. She faced an arduous time. She had to do part-time work to pay for her university fees. Sometimes, when she unconsciously remembered her memory with her family, she forced herself not to think of them. She always told herself, "I HATE THEM! ALL OF THEM!". She kept grudges to her family. She wanted to prove to them that she will gain success in her life. She succeeded in her studies. She got the best student award in her course. It was her luck that the biggest bank in New York took her to work with their company.

           Three years passed.
          Susan had become a matured woman. She started to think of the reasons why Dad snarled at her nine years back. She realised that all the things that had happened to her was her fault. She wanted to ho go home- to embrace Dad's tough body, to kiss Mama's fair skin. But she never did. She was afraid. She wondered, will they accept her back in their family? Will they forgive her? Will they love her like they did? She has no answer- and she was afraid to find it,even until now

                *                                      *                                         *

                 She have never imagined that she will be here after that tragic incident that caused her to leave her home. But those dreams persuaded her. Those dreams made her realised that she needs a family to continue her life. She made up her mind! December fifth, 2000, here she was, at the Nagoya International Airport. She tried to catch up her breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. She was so nervous. Slowly,she walked to the ticket counter. She bought a taxi ticket to her hometown, Syegi, Nagoya. She thought to herself, "so many changes. Nine years. Such a long time". Sighs kept on coming out from her mouth. She did not know how to react. Was she happy? She was. But, at the same time, she was totally afraid. She prayed that her family will accept her back.

           She arrived at the house. Nothing changed. A quick grin plastered on her face. If only people knew how much she missed this house. She took her steps slowly to the big, fame wooden house. With a trembled hand, she turned the knob. She saw her family members. Mom and Dad. Tears rolled down her cheeks.


itu saje !

ade yang nangis x? 

tade ann ?

haha .

jangan marah ending gantung .

bak kate akak aku .

"ending buat sendiri"

hee :)

apapepon .

thnx sudi bace crite aku .

salam alaik !

p/s: rusna~ jangan hapal !